Dentify by Yatisha Patel

Tags: Dental , Teeth

This App has been designed to take into account acute dental problems and provide temporary advice until a consultation with a dentist can be arranged. Various signs and symptoms are described in an attempt to determine a working diagnosis, and then try to identify the cause and provide possible temporary solutions.  

Examples of oral health problems that are described on this App are tooth pain, swelling and wisdom tooth trouble. There is also a useful guide section that provides more information on a range of topics including advice on what plaque is, brushing, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

The information provided within this App is all from UK based organisations including the British Dental Association and the British Dental Health Foundation. All information provided is well sourced, evidenced-based and information that I give my patients on a daily basis.

This App is easy to use and walks you through the process safely. It is intended for use as a guide and it is made clear throughout the process that users experiencing a problem with their oral health should seek professional dental help as soon as possible.

Summary: I would recommend this App to my patients. This App is intended for anyone with a smartphone and does not rely on an internet connection once downloaded.

This App is also a valuable source of information that has been collated into an easily usable format. The App would benefit from some information on what to do if you knock out a tooth or had some other form of dental trauma but it is still an excellent source of information.

App rating: I would give this App 4.5 out of 5

Dr Sej Patel

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