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This App is supposed to be “hilarious” for people who love brushing their teeth. I downloaded the free version first to try it out but all I got was a set of yellowish teeth and a tab that says “Eat”. Press on eat and you get a list of different foods. Press on a food and the teeth get covered in something that is supposed to resemble the food you clicked on.

The purpose of this game is to rub the teeth until they become clean again. I thought that as this was the free version I would get a lot more to do with the paid version. Wrong! It is exactly the same. Do not pay for it. If you really must try it out, then go for the free version.

Summary: I would not recommend this App unless you have an abundance of time to waste and nothing meaningful to do.

App rating: I would give this App 0 out of 5

Dr Sej Patel

Cost from Google Play: Free  



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