T-Rex Toothbrush Timer by P Chu

Tags: Children , Dental , Teeth

This App is a 2 minute tooth brushing timer with video. It is aimed at motivating children to brush their teeth and ensure that this is done for 2 minutes.

This is a simple App that shows the brush moving over the various regions in the mouth in a methodical manner.  The graphics used are simple but by its nature this App will appeal as a basic motivational App.  

This App features some instructions and a recommendation to brush twice a day. There is no text description to back up the video content of the App and there is an assumption that the user has some experience with tooth brushing or that it will be supervised by someone who is competent.

Summary: This App may be of use as a basic 2 minute timer.

App rating: I would give this App 1 out of 5.

Dr Sej Patel

Cost from itunes UK: £0.69     


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