A third of parents lie about how well their children sleep

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A third of parents lie about how well their children sleep
A third of parents have lied about how well their child sleeps under pressure to be perfect, a poll reveals.

The survey of 11,000 parents by Netmums found fewer than two-thirds of babies go through the night with unbroken sleep by 12 months.

Only a quarter of newborns were sleeping through the night by this age.

This flies in the face of the claim by some parenting gurus that newborns should sleep through the night by 12 weeks old.

Other parents may be adding pressure, says the UK parenting website, by either boasting about how well their child sleeps or by lying to cover the fact that they are not coping well with sleep deprivation, the survey findings suggest.

A fifth of those who admitted they had lied about their child's sleep said they had pretended their son or daughter was sleeping through when they were not.

Half of all families polled said lack of sleep left them exhausted, and 16 per cent of parents said their older children regularly wake at night.

A quarter of children wake each morning before 6.30am.

And one in 10 parents say that getting their children to go to sleep is a "struggle".

Lack of sleep has led to parents doing foolish things, such as placing baby sterilising equipment on the hob.

Some said it had caused serious incidents − some have collapsed through lack of sleep, while others have even been hospitalised.

Advisors say there is no 'one-size fits all' solution to children's sleep. Different approaches work for different families and even different children within the same family.

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