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Holly asked...

What's the best way to keep cool?

Tags: Exercise

What's the best way to keep cool whilst working out in the summer?

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The answer

We thank you for your question at this very hot time of our summer (24 degrees).  Here are a few of our practical tips for performing physical activity when it is hot outside.

Perform yourphysical activity earlier in the  morning or later in evening when thetemperatures are lower.  Avoid physical activity at the hottest part of the day 11am – 3pm.

If you are running or walking, try doing so  in forests.  The trees in the forest will give you considerable shade and you will feel cooler.

Stay hydrated with water, so carry a water bottle with you whatever the physical activity you are undertaking  is and sip this water frequently.

Some people find using the new fabrics (performance apparel) in sportswear help them to feel cooler.  These fabrics are designed to provide ‘whicking’ of the sweat away fromyourbody when comparing their performance against   traditional cotton based sportswear fabrics.

Switch to  another form of physical activity such as a gym, where there is air conditioning,  fans or Just being indoors.  Consider going swimming if this not your usual physical activity – as this is a great way to cool down in our heat wave.


We hope this helps.


Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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