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Would arthroscopy be a good idea?

I have chondramalacia (between grades 1-2) and I was wondering if arthroscopy would be a good idea to treat the affected area of cartilage at the rear of my patella. The cause of the problem, I believe, has been corrected but my knee has not been the same after suffering from Patellofemoral Pain for nearly 2 years. Could the risk of aggravating my knee further, make not it worth it, if there is a chance of that. Because to me, my knee is already badly aggravated anyway. Thanks.

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The answer

Treatment with surgery is declining in popularity for this condition for two reasons: good outcomes without surgery and the small number of patients who actually benefit from surgical treatment.

In the cases that do not settle with conservative treatment (rest and physiotherapy exercises) an operation may be considered. This involves looking into the knee joint with a camera (arthroscopy) to see if there is anything that can be corrected or mended.

Only you and your orthopaedic surgeon can decide if that is a sensible next step for you.

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