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This App is all bells and whistles and is fabulous as it has every little feature you need for recording all the data from your walk, including your heart rate, inclines or declines you take, your pace and the calories you burn. What is even more impressive is that the App also has pre-set running and walking plans, and provides you with all the tools needed to really inspire and guide you to set new goals.

One of my favourite features on this App is that it has a very clever way of making you train harder and you can set it so that you can try and beat the time of your last training session. From a personal trainer’s point of view this is a fantastic feature, as to keep fit and healthy we need to be constantly pushing ourselves that bit harder.

This App is a great tool for trying to beat your previous time. It sets realistic goals and, if you achieve a great time and are proud of your training session, then this excellent App lets you share this on your social media so you can then also inspire your friends and family to take a leaf out of your book and start training as well.

Summary: This is App is not free but it is still worthwhile investing in as you will find this gives you so much motivation to improve your workout every time.

App Rating: I would rate this App 4.5 out of 5. This App has all you need to make your workout that little bit harder. If improved fitness levels are what you are looking for, then this App is perfect.

Lucy Wyndham-Read

Cost from ITunes Great Britain:  £2.99




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