Walk Me

Tags: Exercise , Walking

This super little App is a great pedometer which is so easy to use and will give you a good, accurate count of how many steps you take daily.

What I love about this App is how the developers have injected some fun within the App, as you have a creature that stays ‘happy’ as long as you are stepping regularly and as soon as you daily step count goes down the creature becomes miserable. This fun feature is ideal if you secretly like computer games and also brings in an element of fun.

In addition to the pedometer, this App will also work out approximately how many calories you have burned, your average speed and distance.

This App is great if you are trying to become more active and move away from a sedentary lifestyle, as you can see throughout the day how on track you are to achieve your daily recommended step count. This feature is great, as if you look at lunchtime and see that you have only reached say 20 per cent of your recommended step count, you have an incentive to go and move, plus you then get to see your funny creature change from sad to ‘happy’.

This App is absolutely great for storing vital information which can really help to keep you on track. You can also easily review more than one day’s activity at a time and can see how many steps you took on a certain day over the period of a week, as well as how many calories you burned.

Summary: This App is great for someone who wants a simple App, is keen to become more active and likes the fun side of the App by having your own fitness creature.

App rating: I would rate this App as 5 out of 5.

Lucy Wyndham-Read

Cost on Android: £0.50




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