Track my Walks

Tags: Exercise , Walking

This simple App has all the basics you need to simply do as its name says and track your walks.

My favourite feature on this App is the inbuilt calendar which allows you to schedule in when you plan to do a walk.

Not only can you track your walk and book it in using this App but you can also keep track of how many calories you have burned for each walk, which means that if you are looking to use walking as a way of losing weight or maintain a healthy weight then this App is perfect.

An additional feature of this App is that you can also set it to notify you every time you cover a set distance. This feature is easy to apply and is a great feature for a beginner to exercise who is keen to beat their personal best.

This feature also gives you the ability to select when you want these alerts to appear with either a vibration or a selected noise. If you are doing a 5k walk, it is a good idea to use this App’s feature every time you complete 1k.  

Summary: This App’s built in schedule calendar is great to use and if you need to kick-start your walking then this App will be an excellent tool.  Make sure as soon as you download the App that you start to schedule those walks!

App rating: I would rate this App 4 out of 5. This App is great if you are looking to use walking to help lose weight and its built in calorie tracker will help you shift those excess pounds.

Lucy Wyndham-Read

Cost from ITunes Great Britain: £0 .69



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