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Taking tablets whilst fasting

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I went to the doctors with a shoulder injury and they said I have got tendonitis in the shoulder, they gave me ibuprofen tablets but due to me fasting I can only take the tablets when opened fast and don't have enough time to take the tablets 3 times a day during fasting so only manage so squeeze in 1 tablet when I open my fast. I have been using ibuprofen gel and it don't seem to do much I have weird clicking noises in the holder and sometimes pain when I move my shoulder certain ways and its deep inside I can feel what would you recommend ? Would I need to go to a physio?

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The answer

If you’re fasting, your doctor may be able to give you a slow release version of ibuprofen or another non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug which only needs to be taken once or twice a day. Apart from pain relief, rest is the mainstay of treatment for tendinitis of the shoulder. However, if you avoid all activity your shoulder can stiffen up, making your symptoms worse.  

You can speak to your GP about exercises you can do at home. If your symptoms aren’t settling physiotherapy may well help. In severe or persistent cases, your doctor may recommend a steroid injection into the area of your shoulder which is affected, to reduce inflammation (-‘itis’, as in tendinitis and appendicitis, is the medical word for inflammation). It’s unlikely that the clicking noises are anything to worry about.

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