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Borja Sordo de la Pena asked...

Since I went snowboarding, my wrist has felt stiff.

I recently went snowboarding and when I got home later that evening my wrist felt stiff and it didnt have much motion. It's been two weeks and although I have most my mobility back it still hurts quite a lot. I currently wear a wrist strap to try and minimise movement and how much I use it. Could it be something serious or maybe just a strain? Thanks

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The answer

Wrist injuries are common both in snowboarding and skiing as inevitable falls occur which can results in tendon, ligament, fractures or dislocations of the wrist bones. A serious sprain would normally cause immediate pain with loss of normal function and a fractured wrist would usually look swollen or would be very tender to touch. These injuries are less likely if you were able to continue boarding without noticing much at that time. It is more likely that you have an overuse type ligament or tendon sprain. Repetitive sudden overstretching of the supportive connective tissues around the wrist causes micro-damage which starts to ache and swell after a few days. The use of a wrist splint and physiotherapy may help but I would also advice you get a doctor to have a look as occasionally there may be a hairline fracture in the scaphoid bone of the wrist - this can usually be picked up on x-ray.

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