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My wife had a ruptured Achilles tendon

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My wife, is a contemporary dancer and suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon two years ago while performing in Italy, where she had prompt surgery to repair the tendon. She had intensive physiotherapy and acupuncture when she returned to the UK and has regained approximately 90 - 95% strength and flexibility in the tendon. Now, her other Achilles tendon seems to be becoming problematic, feeling tight and weaker than normal. My wife is very concerned that this tendon might also rupture. My question is: Can she do anything to minimise the possibility of her 'good' Achilles rupturing? She is open to all suggestions regarding supplements, complimentary therapies, stretching etc. but even if she were to end her occasional performing career (she is aged 42), she teaches dance and needs to be fit in order continue her teaching practice. I would be very grateful for any suggions. Thank you.

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The answer

The best thing that I can suggest she does at this point is to see a good physiotherapist. If the tendon is feeling weak and tight, something is clearly not quite right. This could be helped with the correct strengthening exercises.

There are no supplements or complementary therapies that have any good scientific evidence behind them for this type of situation. It is clearly a worry for yourself and your wife, given her profession. That, along with the fact that she has ruptured an Achilles tendon before, means you are correct to get some help and advice early. Hopefully, this time some physiotherapy will be able to prevent any further serious injuries.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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