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Noemi asked...

Pain in my wrist and up to my shoulder

I have had a really bad pain in my wrist and up to my shoulder (all my arm) for almost two months and I would like to know why is this? The physio has told me it can be that the nerve is trapped or irritated, but how can I know exactly what I got and how to get rid of the pain and short out the problem? What is the right doctor/specialist to see in order to find out the cause of the problem and solve it? Many thanks

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The answer

A nerve can be trapped anywhere along the course that it travels. A nerve in the arm begins in the neck/spine and travels via the shoulder and down the arm.

You could make an appointment to see a neurologist (which is a doctor that specialises in diagnosing problems caused by nerves) who would examine you and advise you depending on the findings.You may then need to be seen by another specialist depending on where the nerve is trapped.

An orthopaedic surgeon specialises in bones and joints if the shoulder is found to be the problem area or a neurosurgeon if the neck/spine is involved.

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