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This App is perfect if you are a keen hiker but is more for long distance walkers than beginners.

If you are keen to go off further afield than your local walks, then this App is the perfect tool for finding longer walks in advance. The App also has some clever built in features such as your current latitude and will let you know what your current speed is and the distance you have covered.

This App’s main purpose is to provide you with the most detailed maps so that you can explore the great outdoors and find those hidden footpaths, but it also allows you to keep on track of your average speed and your fastest pace and, what’s more, will tell you how high you are going up those hills and how quickly those hills decline.

Summary: This App is definitely more suited to longer hikes than for regular shorter routes. This App does have a cost and, whilst there are lots of Apps that are free that allow you to track your routes, with this App you still get an excellent ordnance survey map and a built in compass so that you know you won’t get lost!

If you want this App to help motivate you to increase your fitness levels, achieve fitness goals or even help in weight loss or weight maintenance, then this App is not for you.

However, if you are a keen hiker and love nothing more than heading over to new locations and discovering long walks and recording data from each trek, then this is definitely the App for you.

App rating: This I would give 3 out of 5 and consider it best to use to explore longer weekend walks and more for a leisurely pace.

Cost from ITunes Great Britain: £1.99

Lucy Wyndham-Read




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