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Mark asked...

My elbow has become very tender.

I banged my elbow a month ago and for the past couple of weeks it has become very tender and sore if touched or if any pressure is put on it. There is no visible sign of damage. Is there any treatment you can recommend? Mark

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The answer

I wonder if the tenderness started directly after the injury? If that is the case then it could be bruised (or broken if the injury was severe). There are other conditions that can cause elbow pain. Tennis elbow, golfers elbow or bursitis could have been triggered by the injury or simply a coincidence. Bruising should not last more than a few weeks, so if the pain continues then the elbow needs to be examined and the condition diagnosed by your doctor. Rest and an anti-inflammatory medications (such as ibuprofen) would be the first line of treatment for most of these conditions and will certainly help in the first instance.

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