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Grant Tosner asked...

Last week I was at football training and slipped on the wet astro turf...

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Last week i was at football training and slipped on the wet astro turf... i banged my knee and felt instant pain ( felt like a dead leg but in the back of my knee (hamstring area) the following day i could hardly walk on it. the pain has become less and less over the week but still causes me pain when i bend it or jump , run etc.

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The answer

It is important to know the exact mechanism of injury when dealing with sports injuries to the knee. Did you twist the knee or land directly onto the knee cap? There are many parts of the knee joint that can be damaged depending on what type of sports injury occurred. If the knee is swollen, giving way or locking, there may be some damage to the knee joint or a ligament. If not and the pain is improving with rest, then hopefully the knee is just bruised or sprained. Rest the knee for a couple more weeks and see your doctor if it has not settled before returning to football.

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