Kinesiology taping

Tags: Exercise

This is an instructional video that is provided by the company that makes ‘kinesiology tape’ which is a stretchable sticky tape.

It shows videos demonstrating the different types of tape available and how to apply it. The App costs £20 to buy and is aimed at “training” the user to apply this tape.

I am very sceptical about this App and the tape that it is selling. As there is currently very little evidence that taping has any significant benefit, I would not recommend this App to anyone.

In some circumstances a physiotherapist may consider taping a patient to help with pain or injury, but it would not be recommended to try this at home.

The various claims made by this App about what the tape can achieve have no medical evidence behind them.

I would not recommend this as a treatment until there is significant research to support it.

App rating: 0/5

Dr Emmajane Down




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