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David asked...

Last year I strained my shoulders during a fun ride.

Last year I probably strained my shoulders during a fun ride (pulled along by boat on sea). For a few months after, I had shoulder pain and reduced movement by around 20%. It eased a little after this period, so I lived with it. However, earlier this year the pain got worse in my right shoulder, so I went to my GP who injected the joint as it appeared to be the source of the problem, but had no improvement. About 6 weeks ago, the pain got worse and was in both shoulders, but it now seems to be muscular / tendon pain around the shoulder and shoulder joint areas, in several places. It may well be I have agrivated the initial issue as I occasionally need to lift heavy objects at work. Please advise as the pain is constant, I am continually losing sleep and am unable to carry out my hobby.

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The answer

I think you need to see your GP again. As the pain is now in both shoulders and is disturbing your sleep, there are a few conditions that need to be considered. Your doctor needs to examine you again and may need to do some X-rays and blood tests to find out the exact reason for the pains. You should discuss your job with your doctor too, because heavy lifting may need to be avoided especially if it aggravates the pain.

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