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TJ asked...

Tags: joint , posture , knee

I keep having constant joint pain that hurts really badly when I cross my legs and makes it hard to stand up straight afterwards, particularly in my knees and hips.

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The Answer

Your hip and knee pain may be related to your habit of crossing your legs as this puts pressure on your hips and back, so pain may be related to a lower back issue or your habit may have caused a twisted pelvis, this is when one side of the hip is rotated more than the other and this may cause one leg to be shorter than the other, joint issues may also need to be considered. Pressure on the blood supply to your legs can also cause issues with pain but this is more likely to affect the whole leg, not just the joints. I do suggest you see your GP for an examination as you may need an x ray for a basic examination and possibly a scan of your lower back, hips and knee for a diagnosis.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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