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Catherine asked...

I have persistent back pain.

I am a very fit 37 yr old female, who has had neck/shoulder/lower back pain since my mid teens. My job involves extensive driving and sitting at my laptop most days. Recently the stiffness in my neck has worsened, and the pain in my lower back as well, which is on the left side, and refers down into my pelvis and top of the thigh area. Hip/pelvis is very stiff, and specialists who have examined are surprised at how stiff my back is. I am scheduled to have an MRI through a rheumatologist. I have read a lot about trigger points and am certain that that is a cause - is it possible to request a local anaesthetic injection into these, through your local GP? Thank you.

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The answer

A GP would not be trained to give that sort of injection but could certainly consider referring you to see a doctor that specialises in that area if needed. I would recommend that you wait until you have the MRI scan results and a diagnosis is made by the rheumatologist before you have any treatments. The rheumatologist will be able to advice you about what the best treatments would be for your diagnosis.

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