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Vicky Lorych asked...

I have extreme pain at the top of my hip.

Tags: Exercise

I have extreme pain when standing up from a bending position at the top of my hip - I am 45 years old and walk to and from work every day and also home at lunchtime up and down some quite steep hills - I have got AXA PPP Healthcare and could really do some help with the pain. Thanks very much Vicky

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The answer

Lots of conditions can cause hip pain. In younger people like you, it’s often caused by ‘bursitis’ – an inflammation of a potentially fluid-filled sac around the hip – or by muscle strain. In older people, or people who are overweight or have a history of trauma to a joint, osteoarthritis may be to blame.

Having osteoarthritis doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a life of ever-increasing pain. It often goes through phases and then settles. If you’re getting pain only on certain movements and don’t have any other symptoms, it’s much less likely that there’s anything serious going on.

I would suggest you speak to your AXA PPP healthcare helpline about whether your policy covers physiotherapy, which will often not only help with your present symptoms but can help you prevent problems in future by looking at what might have caused your current problem.

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