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Andrea asked...

I have been having leg aches and pains on and off for almost a year

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I had hypotonia as a baby, and received physio (I cannot recall the details, my only knowledge is what my parents have told me). However, I have been having leg aches and pains on and off for almost a year and can't seem to get rid of them - I have tried stretching, massages and creams to no effect. Is hypotonia something that can persist throughout adult life? Is physiotherapy something that would help? Thanks.

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The answer

Hypotonia is a medical description for reduced muscle tone and strength. It can be picked up as a baby, prompting the doctors to look for an underlying reason and diagnosis. Sometimes no cause is found and the condition gets better in time. In that situation it would be unusual to return many years later. I suggest you see your doctor to discuss your problems and to be examined. Your doctor could look back in your notes to see if any diagnosis was made at the time. There are lots of other causes of legs aches and pains that could be investigated and treated. Depending on the cause, physiotherapy may well be able to help.

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