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Ian asked...

I have been getting sore ankle joints.

I have been getting what feels like sore ankle joints or upper ankle ligament problems; ( ligament from the upper side of the foot to the top of the ankle or that joint section) especially on my right foot, sometimes on my left and currently on my right hand thumb joint. Regarding the right or left hand side ankle joints , this is very stiff and sore when i first walk after sitting for a while. If I stretch it out or manipulate when i first start to walk it tends to get rid of the pain. My thumb joint is just bloody sore when i press the gear shift lever on the bike. I am reasonably active, 45 years old, swim 1km 4-5 times a week , cycle 6 miles per day for work, not overweight. Questions:- Are the joint / ligament pains related ? What can i do to ease or eradicate the pain.? Some years ago i had acupuncture for tennis elbow, this worked; is this worth considering once again.? Or is this just age related joint / ligament issues?

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The answer

If the painful or stiff joints have been going on for more than six weeks then it would be worth seeing your GP for an examination. Sometimes these things can just settle on their own. Things to consider would be if the joints affected are symmetrical (affecting the same joint on both limbs), stiff in the mornings, swollen or associated with any skin rashes that may suggest a possible arthritis type condition. Without a diagnosis I wouldn’t want to recommend any treatment but your GP will be able to give you further advice depending on the findings.

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