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Nikki asked...

I have a very sore elbow.

I have had a very sore elbow for several months now and it is getting harder to pick up objects or move it in a certain way without pain. I asked my GP about the best course of action and they have advised to take Nurofen every day, do you agree with this advice and is there anything else I can do to help improve the elbow?

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The answer

You don’t say which part of your elbow is sore, but the two most common places for pain are the outer side of the elbow – known as tennis elbow – and the inner side, known as golfer’s elbow. It is usually caused by repeated minor injuries to the tendons on one side of the elbow or the other. Repeated movements that involve twisting your elbow (including tennis and golf but also painting walls, using screwdrivers and sometimes computer work etc.) are often to blame.

Anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen (Nurofen) or naproxen can help, but rest and avoiding the movements which may have brought on the injuries are key to speeding up recovery. If it’s been going on for several months, speak to your GP about the possibility of either referral for physiotherapy or a steroid injection into the most painful area to reduce inflammation.

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