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Tayla asked...

I have a prolapsed disc.

I currently have a prolapsed disc, this is the fifth time this has happened in the past 6 years, the last time being 18 months ago, although the time between each episode has increased it appears to be a recurring problem. Is there anything I can do to prevent it happening again. I already exercise regulary.

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The answer

It is unclear why some people suffer from prolapsed disc and not others. You are already exercising regularly which is the best thing you can do to stay well. A physiotherapist would be able to show you some specific exercises that could support the back, or you could try focusing on exercising the ‘core’ muscles and pelvic floor. Evidence is lacking for any one thing that will prevent future problems occurring, except simply exercising in general. Make sure you avoid triggers that can cause a prolapse such as heavy lifting, sitting in the same position for many hours (get up regularly to walk and stretch if you have an office job), smoking and obesity.

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