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Surbjit asked...

I have a disc bulge.

I have a disc bulge at C3/4 and osteophytes at C3/4, I am always in pain... I pass out a lot, with numbness down the left side, I am looking for a specialist doctor, please help me out thank you.

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The answer

I am unable to recommend a particular doctor as I am unfamiliar with your area. What I would suggest you do is contact your nearest private hospital by telephone. They will be able to give you the names of the consultants that are experts in the spine (usually a spinal orthopaedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon). You can then read about those doctors on the internet and choose which one you would like to see. Always check that your private insurance company will cover that doctor first before you make an appointment. Your own GP may be able to advice you further about which specialist is best for you, because you have probably seen a few doctors about this before. You will need to see your GP first to get a private referral letter to show to the surgeon and the insurance company.

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