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Jane asked...

I had a THR in June 2010.

I have been told I need this. I had a THR in June 2010. I am a reasonably fit 55 years old woman working in the middle east. I have been advised to fly to UK for this surgery, but how do I choose where to go and how do I know the surgeon is experienced enough to do this operation, with a good chance of proper recovery? How long after surgery can I fly back? How long after surgery till I can work again?

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The answer

I presume you are needing a second total hip replacement, or maybe there a problem with your original hip replacement? Either way, you will need  to arrange an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in hip surgery and replacements. You can choose a private hospital by looking on the internet, and the hospital will be able to give you a list of surgeons suitable. Always choose a private surgeon that also works as an NHS consultant. The surgeons secretary should be able to arrange a consultation over the phone to explain the expected recovery process and travel arrangements depending on the specific surgery that you need.

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