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David Taylor asked...

I find it painful to stand on my feet after a few hours.

After standing on my feet for only a few hours, pain comes on and I find it sore to stand or walk.

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The answer

There are several possible causes for your pain, but the most likely diagnosis depends partly on where the pain is. Pain over your heels is often due to a condition called plantar fasciitis, in which the tough connective tissue on the bottom of your feet, which is attached to the front of the heelbone on the sole of your foot, gets inflamed. Ankle pain is more likely to be related to osteoarthritis. All these conditions are more likely to give you trouble when you’ve been standing or walking, and heavy lifting will put more pressure on your feet (as well as your other joints). Good padded insoles in your shoes may help, but you may also be referred for physiotherapy if your symptoms are persistent or very troublesome.

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