HD Bones Diseases

HD Bone Diseases App is simply a source of information about the human musculoskeletal system and some of its diseases/conditions. The facts are well presented in clear sections with eye-catching pictures and pitched at a level which most will find easy to follow.  

A number of historical facts about conditions are included which makes interesting reading. There is an excellent section on osteoporosis, explaining the cause, investigations and treatments. The other two sections focus on certain bone diseases – these are explained well with lots of detailed information, but the list of conditions covered is far from comprehensive.  

Common conditions such as fractures, for example, are not covered.  There is a gallery of 10 pictures but there is no label showing what type of condition these relate to and there is no user interaction other than the facility to read and learn about certain musculoskeletal diseases.  

The quality of the content in the topics covered is well presented but this App would be more useful if it were to provide a much wider coverage of conditions, such as osteoarthritis which is the commonest problem.   

Most of the information provided within this App could be obtained free from other internet sources.
This App gives detailed information about the musculoskeletal system but it could not be used as a comprehensive reference source, so has limited value to those who wish to widely study the musculoskeletal system and its disorders.  The content format is well presented and if the topic coverage were expanded in the future this could be a useful musculoskeletal reference source.   
App rating 3/5.                 
Dr Alasdair Wright


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