Endomondo Sports Tracker

This great free App can be used for walking, running or cycling. It tracks your distance, speed, calories and timings, and saves all the information so you can see weekly what you have achieved.

What gives this App the WOW factor is you can get audio feedback and motivation at pre-set distances within your walk. As a personal trainer I can see that the audio coaching tips and motivation feature will really help users stay on track and work out harder.

This feature can also be used if you wanted to improve the time of a previous walk, as not only does it feature audio coaching but you can even get your friends to write a short pre-prep talk and this then gets added to your own App. This genius tool is great if you are looking at doing a longer walk for a charity as then you can get your sponsors to support you through those walks.

Summary: This App is great if you are doing a charity walk and would like that extra bit of motivation and encouragement. This App is also very social media savvy and you can post up your workouts on Facebook and share your achievements with your friends.

App rating: I would rate this App 4.5 out of 5.

Lucy Wyndham-Read

Cost on Android: Free



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