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A fitness consultant mentioned that I have a flat foot

A fitness consultant mentioned that I have a flat foot. Whenever I walk for more than a few hours, my leg starts aching. The pain is at various spots - ankle, knee, thighs. Is the pain due to my flat foot or is it because of lack of stamina? Can I do anything about it?

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The answer

Most people who have flat feet do not suffer any problems. Some unlucky people develop pain in the feet and ankles and sometimes even the knees, hips and back can be affected by the condition. It is good for you to exercise regularly to build your stamina but if the pain continues it would be worth getting some further advice about your feet. Your doctor can refer you to see a podiatrist (or an orthotist) who specialise in this condition. They can decide if you need an arch support made to wear in your shoes while you walk, or give you exercises to improve the condition.

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