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Managing work-life balance.

We have an employee that is suffering with work-life balance at present, we are keen to support her and requested that she visits her GP - we are concerned she may have OCD or depression, how can we be sure that she discusses this with her GP as she is very shy/reluctant to talk to her GP?

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A great many people with mental health issues find it very difficult to talk to others about their mental health issues. Work colleagues, friends and family also find it difficult talking to a person managing psychological difficulties. The difficulty in talking about mental health issues is due in part to the negative stigma that is associated with mental health. Every one of us has psychological issues that we have to learn to manage. For some people, these psychological issues can be severe.

We would suggest that you continue to give your support to your colleague. Please consider contacting the ‘Time to change’ organisation and creating a conversation with your colleague around some of the issues that you feel your colleague is experiencing . Time to Change is an organisation that is run by two leading mental health charities – Mind and Rethink Mental Health. Please reassure your colleague that her General Practitioner manages patients with mental health difficulties on a daily basis. General Practitioners are very experienced at managing mental health issues.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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