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Donna asked...

I have been feeling very anxious.

Tags: Anxiety , Stress

I have been feeling very anxious for years but for the last 6 months have been feeling worse. I thought it may be linked to my age, I will be 50 this yr,I get a lump at the bottom of my throat, I paid private to see consultant, she put a camera up my nose and down my throat, she said nothing to worry about just that my throat muscles were that tight and told me to exercise and to relax, I feel that I need something to help me but dont no what. It is effecting my buisness aswell, please help thank you.

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The answer

I’m glad you’ve had this checked out – the sensation you’re describing can be very worrying. However, now that you’ve been fully examined and know that there’s no serious condition I would suggest you should concentrate on why you started getting these symptoms in the first place. It sounds very much as if you have a condition called Globus (sometimes called globus pharyngeus), which causes a sensation of having a lump in your throat when there isn’t one to find when you’re examined. The sensation tends to come and go, doesn’t cause problems with eating or drinking, although swallowing saliva can make it worse. It’s thought to be common but nobody knows exactly how many people suffer from it. Nobody knows exactly what causes Globus, but it may be linked to poor co-ordination in the many muscles which have to work together to allow you to swallow. It can often be triggered by stress and I suspect that may well be linked to the anxiety that you refer to. For many sufferers, getting a full check-up which confirms that there is no serious underlying cause is enough to ease symptoms. If you’re still suffering, I would advise you to go back to your GP. Globus symptoms can sometimes be brought on by acid reflux, which can (but doesn’t always) cause heartburn as well. It may be that getting counselling to address the underlying causes of your anxiety will help.

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