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Barney asked...

I am dealing with anxiety.

Tags: Anxiety , Stress

I've currently been dealing with anxiety for 6 weeks. I've only for a few days started to really cope with the feelings and thoughts. But the question I wanted to ask was how long does the 'derealisation' feeling that nothing is real including myself, last?

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The answer

It sounds like you have been feeling quite unwell for the past six weeks. I would normally recommend some sort of treatment if after six weeks you are not feeling back to your normal self. I wonder if something happened to you six weeks ago that has triggered this anxiety? I would recommend that you talk to your doctor about what has been going on. It is impossible to say how long these types of feelings will last, because it is different for each individual. No one should have to suffer feeling unwell, so the sooner you get some help the quicker you can start to feel better.

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