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Jo asked...

What are the symptoms of angina?

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What are the symptoms of angina?

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The answer

Dear Jo

Thank you for contacting us with your query about angina. The main symptoms of angina are chest pain and discomfort. You could also experience breathlessness, tiredness and dizziness.

There are two kinds of angina, stable and unstable. It is described as stable if a person experiences the symptoms after exercise or stress, when the blood is being forced round the heart; this should settle after a few minutes rest. Unstable angina refers to a situation where the symptoms can occur despite no obvious trigger; this may occur at rest and may also take longer to resolve.

If you are experiencing chest pain please seek urgent medical help.

I hope this has been helpful; if you need any further information please call us on Health at Hand (0800 003 004).

Answered by our Health at Hand nurses

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