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What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?

What are the symptoms of High blood pressure? I urinate soon after drinking any fluids, but are there any other?

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The answer

One of the biggest problems with high blood pressure is that it virtually never causes any short term symptoms. However, all the time you have it without knowing it, it is increasing your risk of heart attack and stroke.

To put this into perspective, high blood pressure is associated with over three-quarters of first strokes and over two-thirds of first heart attacks. Very occasionally, extremely high blood pressure can cause severe headaches. Urinating frequently can be a symptom of bladder or prostate problems, or of diabetes. It can also be a side-effect of some medications used to treat high blood pressure, especially diuretics (water tablets). If you’re taking water tablets and are troubled by passing water often, have a chat with your GP about possible alternative treatments. If you aren’t taking tablets, speak to your GP about whether you need tests of your urine or for diabetes to work out why you’re urinating so often.

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