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Reina Dcosta asked...

I sometimes have a chest pain.

I sometimes have a chest pain not after exertion which passes off but two doctors GP say nothing to worry about. No history of heart problems or health problems and low risk. ECG has been fine . Should I still see a specialist?

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The answer

A specialist is unlikely to do anything different to your GP, if your symptoms are not consistent with something serious. Most doctors are capable of making an assessment of the pain by taking a detailed history and an examination of your heart, blood pressure and ECG. There are many causes of benign chest pains that are not serious and do not need treatment, just reassurance. If your doctor was even slightly concerned, then a referral to a specialist would have been made at the time. If you are not able to simply ignore the pains, and you are not fully reassured then you could see a specialist to reassure you further.

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