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Stuart Parry asked...

I have been having a range of chest pains for over 2 years now.

Tags: heart , injury

Hi I have been having a range of chest pains for over 2 years now but still can't get an answer as to what it is. They range from sharp stabbing pains to a dull ache, that is sometimes across both sides of chest but mainly the left side.

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The answer

It is reassuring that you have had investigation to exclude potential heart problems as a reason for your chest pain.  It sounds like your doctors have been able to exclude your heart as a likely source of the pain, but it may also be useful to have a chest X-ray or CT scan to rule out respiratory disease, although I would have expected breathing problems and not chest wall pain to have been the main feature if that were the case. It would be worthwhile seeking an assessment from a physiotherapist or sports injury medical specialist for further detailed examination and to establish a rehabilitation regime.

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