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Mr Williams asked...

I have arthritic feet (very painful) plus a pace maker.

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I have arthritic feet (very painful) plus a pace maker. I want to get fit how do I go about it apart from the usual house work. I also need to lose weight although I am not obese. How do I go about this?

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The answer

Provided that you are otherwise healthy there is no reason why osteoarthritis of the feet or having a pacemaker should stop you exercising. Physical activity will strengthen your joints and help you lower your body weight which will also take some strain off your feet. Avoid high impact weight bearing exercises such as running or tennis but once your cardiologist is satisfied that everything around the pacemaker has healed there is no reason why you cannot consider swimming, gentle cycling or Pilate's. Start off with a few minutes each day building up the intensity and duration gradually. Most pacemakers are set to prevent your heart rate becoming too low and will not stop you naturally increasing your heart rate when exercising.

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