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Sue asked...

I feel like I'm heading for a heart attack.

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I have been diagnosed with a agatson score of 29 focal clump of calcium in mid lad at a bifurcation I have ectopic heartbeat with couplets and bigeminy.

I am on asprin statin and bea blocker 1.25mg. Inhale chest pain on exertion and discomfort at rest but cardiologist does not think it is angina and wants to wait to see if medicatiin will work.

I don't smoke eat healthy diets, normal weight and do not drink. I still feel like I am heading for a heart attack but nobody believes me.

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The answer

Ectopic beats are common with or without any cardiac issues, the majority of people will have them, mostly unnoticed or they will feel as if beats are being skipped or feels like fluttering in the chest, this does not usually cause any problems.

Chest pain on inhalation with or without exertion is usually a lung issue and you may need to see your doctor for this. Chest pain at rest, specifically with shortness of breath or the pain radiating to jaw, back and/or left arm would be of interest to your consultant as this would be angina pain and they may want to investigate further.

Anxiety/stress issues can cause chest discomfort as can gastric issues so I would suggest you see your GP to rule these out. As you have been started on medication for your cardiac issue your consultant should continue to monitor your response to these medications and adjust the dosages as needed. Hopefully this will help you.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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