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Beatriz asked...

How can I lower my cholesterol without drugs?

Tags: Diet , Exercise , Heart

I'm a female 43yrs, weight 73 and 1.73 cmm height. I have very high cholesterol 4.6 and am not able to reduce it with diet. Do you have any suggestion to lower my cholesterol without drugs?

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The answer

Doctors measure cholesterol levels to help predict your future risk of cardiovascular disease (heart attack and stroke). It is generally thought that one should aim for a total cholesterol level of less than 5 (unless you have had a heart attack or stroke before, when the recommendation is less than 4). I do not think you need to worry about lowering your total cholesterol level any more than it is. As long as you lead a healthy lifestyle, which it sounds like you do (regular exercise/not smoking)and your BMI is within normal range. It is possible to alter your own cholesterol by eating a healthy low cholesterol diet and maintaining a healthy weight, but only by about 10-15 per cent.

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