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Christine Poyner asked...

Eighteen months ago I had a small stroke.

Eighteen months ago I had a small stroke. My speech was slurred, balance lost and eyes were affected. Nearly every day I have a sharp pain pass through my head or a feeling of a vice being used in my head.

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The answer

I’m glad to hear that you’ve made a good recovery overall from your stroke, but it is important to realise that this was a serious medical condition. Headaches are more common if you’ve had a stroke caused by a bleed into the brain, rather than a clot on the brain. Some medications, including blood pressure lowering medications, can also cause headaches, and it’s worth thinking about whether you were started on new medicines after your stroke. Everyday activities take a lot more energy, and you may find it hard to concentrate for long periods or may tire very easily. It’s always important to have headaches checked out if they are severe, prolonged, aren’t relieved by simple painkillers.

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