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Josephine asked...

What exercises can reduce my blood sugar?

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I am trying to bring down my blood sugar level as I have mild diabetes and am not on pills. What exercises would be most effective in bringing it down? I have lost weight generally and am now 65 kgs and have cut down radically on foods containing sugar and generally follow a diabetic diet.

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The answer

You have diet controlled diabetes which is currently in the early stages. In order to prevent it developing and getting worse, you have already made many very good changes to your lifestyle. Well done. There are no specific exercises that are effective in helping control blood sugar. The important part about exercising regularly is that we know it helps prevent heart disease and stroke, both of which diabetic patients are at higher risk of developing. Exercise also helps the body control blood sugar levels more effectively. Exercise helps you to maintain your weight at a healthy level too.

Any exercise you take should be enough to make your heart rate increase and make you sweat. You should aim to do 150 minutes of exercise per week in total. This could include fast walking, jogging, cycling or swimming. It is best to choose an exercise that you enjoy and suits you as an individual. That way you are more likely to keep it going as a regular activity in the long term.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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