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Claire asked...

Tags: children , diet , kidneys

My 7 year old daughter is experiencing pain when urinating, it started yesterday and I took her to the NHS walk in centre, they dip tested her urine and said there was a small trace of blood. They told me to refer it to my Gp and I've been told it will be Wednesday before the results are back. They haven't given me any antibiotics. Apart from cranberry juice and barley which I've been giving her is there anything else I can give her whilst waiting? Thanks

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The Answer

Dear Claire,

I’m sorry to hear about your daughter; while you are waiting for the results symptom relief is obviously a concern before treatment can be started. Usually the pain experienced when passing urine in these circumstances is caused by the passage of urine, which contains uric acid, over inflamed tissue in the genito-urinary tract; this produces the pain and burning sensations often felt which accompany urinary tract infections.

Symptom relief can sometimes be helped by alkalising the content of the urine so that it is less likely to hurt as urine is passed over this inflamed tissue. One simple remedy for a child of your daughter’s age would be to provide drinks made from lemon barley water which has this effect on the urine.

I note you say you are giving barley already; if it is not in liquid form then lemon barley water would be a sensible addition. Half a glass of cranberry juice may be helpful as recent research found that cranberry in higher amounts had a lesser effect so the general consensus is half a glass daily.

Good luck with the results and best wishes for your daughter.

Answered by our Health at Hand nurses

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