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Would thyroid tsh be identified through a blood test?

Would problems be identified through a blood test for thyroid tsh?

The answer

The thyroid gland is located in the lower part of the neck and is the production centre for the hormone thyroxine which is essential for normal bodily function. An overactive thyroid can make someone feel anxious, possibly with a fast forceful pulse, warm when others feel cold and undesired weight loss or constant hunger with difficulty gaining weight.

An underactive thyroid might cause tiredness, weight gain , feeling cold when other feel warm , poor skin quality and sluggish bowels. A blood test will be able to determine whether your thyroid is working in the normal range and this would need to be repeated at intervals if you require treatment for a thyroid disorder in order to monitor progress. Hypothyroidism is treated by taking a daily dose of oral thyroxine and an overactive thyroid gland is treated using drugs such as carbimazole and sometimes radiotherapy or surgery.

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