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Dianne asked...

I have mixed connective tissue disease.

I have mixed connective tissue disease, including Raynauds and Sjogrens but take no medication for these conditions. My fingernails recently appeared to be a dusky pink colour at the bottom of the nails near the cuticles and two/three of the nails were very white and the white was moving down the nail.

I had a blood test and the GP said my blood count was low. Would this explain the nails as when I have looked online mention is made of white nails not the dusky pink.

I see a Rheumatologist for the Mixed Connective Tissue Disease but my next appointment isn't until December and I am wondering whether to try to get an appointment earlier.

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The answer

I am not aware of a condition linked specifically with dusky pink coloured nails. It may be that the pink colour is also related to the anaemia (low blood count). There is a common association between anaemia and white nails. Your own doctor would have suggested seeing your specialist sooner if there was any further concern about the nails. Once your anaemia has been treated and your blood count returns to normal, you should start to see an improvement in the nails. If not, then do see your doctor about it again.

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