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Michelle asked...

My liver blood test result came back 'abnormal'.

Hi, I have a vague question and wondered whether you could assist with it please? For about 6 months or more i was suffering with constant nausea of which i ended up having the normal blood tests for, endoscopy etc and was put on some acid tablets. Over time the nausea improved and then came back and so on. At the beginning of March i went back to my GP with my symptoms who said lets repeat the blood tests. Last week i had a call from my Gp surgery as my liver blood test result came back 'abnormal' I have had the blood test again and am now awaiting my results next week. I checked with the nurse who took the blood yesterday that i had been tested for my liver before and i had twice last year ( both normal readings.) My question is, why within a few months would there be an abnormal reading and do you know what could be causing this? Thanks

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The answer

A ‘liver’ blood test is not just one result, but is actually a group of test results that all relate to the liver. Without seeing the whole set of your test results I cannot guess what is going on. The liver function results can change in response to many things such as illness, infection and some medications. Your doctor will be able to explain your results to you in more detail and whether it is relevant to your ongoing nausea.


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