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Jade asked...

I suffer from lower abdomen pain

I am a 23 year old British female. For as long as I can remember I have urinated from my vagina. I know the for sure as when using tampons they come out full of urine. I have tried to find my uretha opening but can not find it. I suffer from lower abdomen pain and I'm wondering if its linked. I am only now starting to worry and query it. I can't find much information online the only thing I can find is a viginal fistula or hypospadias but I don't no what they are and I'm worried about going to my doctor I feel stupid and want to know more

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The answer

You definitely shouldn’t feel stupid – this is clearly troubling you and you need to get it checked out. I can assure you that no doctor will fob you off if you explain your symptoms as clearly to them as you have to me. No urine should ever come out of your vagina. Although the exit of the urethra (the tube your urine comes down from your bladder when you pass water) runs very close to your vagina, they should not be connected. A fistula is the medical name for any abnormal passage between two hollow or tubular body organs. These can happen for several reasons - they can happen during your body’s development, so you’re born with them; they can happen because of infection which causes an abscess which opens up at both ends; or they can be made during surgery. You need to have a full investigation to see whether you have a fistula like this.

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