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Richard asked...

I have pains in my lower abdomen.

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Should I go and visit my GP if I am experiencing pains in my lower abdomen.This is the second time in about 2 months where when the pain begins it is quite excruciating initially and then subdues to a kind of constant rolling niggle type pain. There is no sickness or diarrohea or changes in temperatures and actually do not feel ill at all. I still have the urge to eat and in fact need to eat.The first time it happened the pain had me doubled over.This time it was not as excruciating but Sunday night was quite severe for about 6 hours. By Monday morning the pain had subdued to a more comfortable level but since then it is coming and going in small doses which are bearable. I am thinking of leaving it to go away but then if it happens again I will then arrange a GP visit. Do you think I should visit the GP before it happens again??

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The answer

You have not mentioned your age. Lower abdominal pain can be caused by many different reasons. Only you can decide if and when you would like to see a doctor and be examined. It would certainly not do any harm to make an appointment and consider all the possibilities, especially if the pain is ongoing.


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