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Jacqueline Pickles asked...

I have noticed some blood when I go to the toilet.

Tags: Digestion

Just recently I have started loosing blood from my back passage when I go to the toilet, can you please tell me what it might be?

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The answer

This is a very common problem and is a good question. Without knowing more details such as your age, the pattern of blood loss or how long it has been going on for and whether you have had any change in bowel habit, it is difficult to give you a specific answer. However, the most common cause of blood loss on opening the bowels is either piles (haemorrhoids) or a problem called anal fissures, which are like splits in the lining of the back passage. Neither of these is dangerous and often they get better on their own. However, if your blood loss is persistent, lasting more than 4 weeks, or if it is associated with a change in your bowel habit so that you are having to open your bowels more often, then it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to see your GP for an examination.

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